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About NuFD

Numerical Flow Designing CO.,LTD. (NuFD) was established
in 2008 for the further development and dissemination of the CFD solver "FrontFlow/red" developed under the national project,
"Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial Science (FSIS)".

NuFD provides customers with high quality engineering solutions using “NuFD/FronFlowRed”, which has been continuously developed based on the "FrontFlow/red".

Business Activities

  • Development of software for engineering and scientific computing
  • Providing CFD simulation service using “NuFD/FrontFlowRed”
  • Development and Sales of “NuFD/FrontFlowRed”
  • Providing technical support of “NuFD/FrontFlowRed”
  • Providing engineering consulting services based on CFD
  • Providing education and training for operations

Company Profile

Company Name Numerical Flow Designing CO.,LTD.
Headquarters 1-10-10, Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0022 JAPAN
Representative President & CEO Huilai Zhang
Establishment June, 2008
Capital 18,200,000 yen